Cabrera for state senate: How the Quinnipiac alum aims to improve the lives of CT's working class

Jorge Cabrera has lived in Connecticut his entire life. During his childhood, his father worked long hours in a factory and often took on a second job to support his family.

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Democrats Endorse Cabrera For 17th Senate District

On Monday night, Jorge Cabrera, Democratic candidate for the State Senate 17th District, officially received the Party endorsement. On the second ballot, Cabrera received 30 delegate votes, which gave him a comfortable cushion above the 27 needed to receive the nod.

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State Senate Candidate Jorge Cabrera Surpasses Fundraising Goal

Jorge Cabrera, Democratic candidate for State Senate surpassed the required fundraising goal to qualify for the public financing grant from the state. In order to qualify, Cabrera needed to raise approximately $15,200 from a minimum of 300 in district donors.

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Connecticut unions issue endorsements for Democrats

The union AFL-CIO endorsed a string of Democrats for Congress, secretary of the state, comptroller and General Assembly seats at their political convention Friday. Republicans were not invited to the event.

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