Gun Safety

Jorge will fight for Gun Safety

Our Connecticut families deserve to live in safety. Gun violence plagues our country--families in South Hamden are consistently threatened by gun violence in their neighborhoods and educators across the district must prepare children for the threat of mass shootings in their schools.

After Sandy Hook, our state adopted an important set of gun safety laws to protect our children and families. We must continue this work by implementing common sense gun laws to reduce the violence in our neighborhoods and the risks of mass shootings in our public spaces and schools. We must protect our current legislation from attacks by the GOP.

Gun safety is not common sense to everyone. Bump stocks, the gun attachment used to kill 58 people and injure over 800 more in Las Vegas, were banned in Connecticut last year. Our current Republican Senator George Logan voted against a bump stock ban in 2018.(1) We can not let Sen. Logan and the GOP continue to put public safety on the back burner.

(1) House Bill No. 5542. 5/8/2018. 542.