Gender Equity and Reproductive Rights

Jorge will fight for Gender Equity and Reproductive Rights

Women in this state are still denied basic fairness in many aspects of their lives. The gender wage gap is among the worst in the country--women are consistently paid less for equal work than their male counterparts. Just this past term, a bill (HB 5357) that would ensure paid family and medical leave faced startling opposition and was never called for a vote. Attacks on women’s reproductive choice are not just limited to national politics--many GOP candidates in CT want to limit women’s rights to their own healthcare choices.

Women deserve better than this. In Hartford, Jorge will advocate for women’s rights by continuing the fight for pay equity and paid family and medical leave. He will strive to defend reproductive choice by ensuring that the CT Constitution continues to protect abortion rights even against opposition from the federal government and local lawmakers. And, because economic issues are women’s issues, Jorge will strive to improve our education and training systems to provide women with the skills to succeed in our economy.

Current Republican State Senator George Logan voted along Republican Party lines 99% of the time in 2017 and 90% of the time in 2018. He has endorsed candidates who oppose women’s rights, including Sen. Joe Markley. In an environment where the national and state republicans increasingly attack women, we can not trust Sen. Logan to stand up against the GOP for women in this district.