Fighting for Jobs

Jorge will fight for Jobs.

Jorge will fight to bring jobs into the district. Jobs that allow workers permanent access to the middle class. Jobs that allow families to live securely and retire with dignity.

To ensure workers have the skills necessary to perform the duties of 21st century jobs, Jorge will work for ways to improve our technical school programs, allowing flexibility and agility to respond to advances in technology. He will fight to fund effective education and training programs through our State Colleges and Universities , Adult Education, Jobs First Employment Services, Summer Youth Employment, Incumbent Worker Training and Second Chance initiatives.

Jorge will work to maximize money and resources from programs like SNAP Employment and Training Apprenticeships and Jobs First to help workers gain the necessary skills and experience they need to access good jobs with good wages and benefits.

Jorge also recognizes that low-income or unskilled workers have to adequate support services in place to work and support their families. He will prevent further cuts to programs to services like Care 4 Kids, mental health services and medicaid.

Workers need transportation to maintain employment, and Jorge will fight to improve the reliability of the existing trains and increase the number of trains on the Waterbury line. He will propose a study a light rail system that could connect the Waterbury line with the new Hartford/Springfield line without the burden of having to travel through Bridgeport and New Haven.