Economic Justice

Jorge will fight for Economic Justice.

People are worried about their ability to pay for their housing, their children, their healthcare now and in the future. When families economic survival is in question, it impacts the outcomes of education, health and ...Women, single parent households, struggling families are overwhelmed by these pressures daily and worry about them tomorrow.

Economic Justice is the backbone of a strong and healthy family. By paying a fair wage, families can pay their basic expenses and perhaps save for their children’s education or their retirement. Ensuring access to affordable healthcare ensures protection from the devastating financial impact of a sudden or chronic illness. bring up seniors and veterans. Paid family leave eases the pressure of being forced to miss work to take care of a sick family member or to take a maternity leave. It is the families that can afford it the least who are faced with these choices on a routine basis. By implementing a common sense progressive tax policy, the burden wouldn’t fall disproportionately on the poorest of our lowest income earners.

George Logan voted an average of 95% of the time with his party- the party that killed the fair minimum wage bill.(1) The party that killed the paid family leave bill.(2) The party that voted to raise the income threshold for the 100% Social Security income tax deduction by $25000.(3) The party that then raised the estate and gift tax threshold 275% 7 to a whopping $5.49M.(4) The party that lowered the Earned Income Tax Credit from 30% to a graduated scale that is capped at 25%.(5) These all add up to policy that punishes the poor and rewards the rich.

(1) House Bill No. 6208. 

(2)House Bill No. 5387.

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(5) HB 7501, Amendment LCO No. 10072, Sects. 51, Lines 1999-2012, Sect. 74, Lines 2889-2910, &bill_num=7501 The number of people this affected in the towns in the 17th district is 911 people in Derby ($520,034), 1,609 people in Ansonia ($972,453), 152 people in Woodbridge ($67,476), 2,770 people in Hamden ($1,436,714), 123 people in Bethany ($52,324), 212 people in Beacon Falls ($91,549), and 2,001 people in Naugatuck ($1,147,509).