Standing With Us!

As your State Senator I will fight to

make Connecticut the best it can be!

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A Connecticut native, advocate for workers, devoted husband, and proud father of twin twelve-year-old boys, I see the problems our state is facing and am prepared to tackle our problems head on with responsibility and compassion.

My dad worked hard in a factory to support his family and my mom struggled most of her life with serious health issues. My wife was raised by a single mom who often worked a second job at night to make ends meet. It wasn’t easy, but with lots of hard work and sacrifice our parents were able to give us opportunities they never had. In the last few years, we’ve noticed that so many opportunities are less available to too many families.

We can do better. I know we can. That’s why I’m running for State Senate in the 17th District, to work for:

  • An economy that works for everyone--not just the chosen few
  • Good public schools where our kids are encouraged to dream big and achieve
  • Good paying jobs so people can support themselves and their families & retire with dignity and respect
  • A responsible budget without harming our most vulnerable citizens

Thank you for your support of my campaign for State Senate in the 17th District.


Jorge Cabrera